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Kang Baojian cup water (electrolyte glass super-capacity) Jinhua Busin

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  • Quantity Required: 5000
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    Posted on: 01 Aug 2020

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1. Weak alkaline: Alkaline reduction acidic water can not only slow down the formation of long-term consumption, but also see the blood acidity in and out, play a shake-up effect (83% of human blood is water, and electrolytic reduction physiological characteristics of water and blood in the water close to) the end, the acidic reversed, to rehabilitate a variety of chronic diseases.

2. Negative potential: ORP is the English abbreviation for Oxidation-Reduction potential, it said that the redox potential of the solution. ORP value is the solution redox capacity measure, the unit is mv. The higher the ORP value, said its stronger oxidizing, ORP lower value means the stronger its reductive, that is, the stronger the anti-aging ability. Health of water ORP is negative, so the reduction of strong and can effectively remove the body of excess free radicals, health and beauty, anti-aging.

3. Small molecules: a strong penetration, clear metabolic waste. Small molecules also has a strong dissolving power, into the human blood, can promote blood dilution and blood lipid lowering cholesterol, blood and the benefits are clear.

4. High oxygen content: oxygen needed to provide nutrients for the body, activate cells and enhance immunity.

5. Minerals and trace elements: calcium, magnesium and other mineral elements of low solubility in water, it is difficult to be absorbed, while mineral water through electrolysis, the ions into the state, then the mineral most easily absorbed by the body, its use rate up to 99%, compared with the absorption of calcium in milk to be several times higher.

Long-term drinking water Likang not only in alkaline water and acidic waste produced by fish, tobacco and alcohol, Cellulite detoxification, improving acidic, anti-aging, but also on the gout, constipation, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, etc. have a good variety of diseases, the role of prevention and control.

A solution can only be dissolved oil and grease, Pai acid poisoning, the magic of free radical scavenging spa device

One can only lowering blood pressure, lower blood pressure, lowering blood viscosity, blood sugar health spa device

A clear drug charges, drug hangover, the raising of heart care brain, liver and longevity spa device Jianshen

One can only lose weight, constipation, prevent prostatitis, Super anti-aging spa device

Experimental results show the following:

Fat soluble oil solutions of test: the water is well known that oil is not miscible, but the general water and oil were poured into the "water Likang Cup" treated water, the miracle, the oil floating in ordinary water, and " Water Likang "treated water and oil complete fusion. Similarly, water Likang cup treated water into the human body, excess body fat can also fat soluble, play a clean vessel, washing the role of the blood, but also the collapse of the skin and intestinal tract in hypertrophic fat, weight loss, constipation.

Qing Opium Test: "Water Likang" cup-treated water clear nicotine in cigarettes, such as more than 50 kinds of harmful substances. In the "Water Likang" cup-treated water drops PH reagents, water blue. Blowing cigarette in ordinary water, water color from blue to yellow, indicating cigarettes which contain acidic toxins. Then add treated water, water colors yellow blue, indicating the toxins in cigarettes is gradually "water Likang" Cup of treated water and dissolved. Unable to quit smoking, then drinking treated water Unicorn bar, not only clear on drug charges, more dirty washing lung Run.

Hangover drug test: PH Reagent drops in liquor, wine color turns red, indicating a strong acid liquor. Pour in the liquor in the "water Likang" cup of treated water, white color gradually from red to blue, with alcohol poisoning has been in strong acid liquor, and as appropriate in vivo alkaline environment, "Water Likang" Cup treated water toxicity of immediate hangover! Working life will inevitably drink entertaining, drinking buddy drinking a glass of alkaline water, not only drug hangover, better protecting liver and kidney.

Alcohol drug test row: The trickle-down two glasses of water each reagent PH, PH reagent has a characteristic case of alkali blue, yellow acids. What happened then? We usually drink ordinary water into a yellow, while the "water Likang" treated water into a cup of blue! Scientific proof "water Likang" Cup of treated water weakly alkaline. Drink alkaline water to clear the body of acidic toxins, restore the body's weak alkaline environment.

The test showed that: The water system of the Unicorn Cup super-energy running water, quickly and in tobacco and alcohol in the acidic toxins, reduce the harm to human body: the effective removal of excess fat in the blood, waste, lowering blood pressure, blood fat, lower blood viscosity, lowering blood sugar; eliminate free radical, anti-aging; improve constipation, obesity; enhance physical fitness, disease prevention!

Free radical scavenging test

Iodine is a strong oxidant, it is equivalent to the body of free radicals, in order to prove that the "water Likang" cup can clear the free radicals, we speak of iodine into each point of "water Likang" cup of treated water and ordinary water, ordinary water into a light yellow, while the "water Likang" cup of treated water remained colorless, indicating the water Likang treated water into the human body, is a reversal of oxidation reaction, scavenging free radicals and aging of cells and restore the body of young status, young age of 10 is not a dream.

Qing Opium, drug hangover, down three high, anti-disease

The test showed that: The energy of the system out of Super Cup running water, quickly and in tobacco and alcohol in the acidic toxins, reduce the harm to human body: blood effectively clear excess fat, waste, lowering blood pressure, blood fat, lower Science sticky, hypoglycemic; clear free radical, anti-aging; improve constipation, obesity; enhance physical fitness, disease prevention!

Insulating effect is also more than in 12 hours