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    Posted on: 04 Jul 2022

RFQ Details

Technical Matrix of 02 Nos. of 100 MT Rigs for Assam Asset

Specifications Cl. No Technical Specifications Your offered specification Most competitive offered price
SERVICE CONDITIONS The rig should be capable for undertaking work over operations in Oil / Gas / Injection / Effluent disposal wells/CBM wells etc. depth of 4500 mts approximately with tubing string of 2-7/8â to 3-1/2â in 5â to 9 5/8â casings, depending on the weight of completion equipment. The work over jobs include but are not limited to servicing/ installation of artificial lift equipment, cleaning of well bore, gravel packing, sand screening, stimulation, well abandonment, transfer of zones, water shut off, gas shut off, water injection profile modification and re-completion, retrieval of gravel pack assembly, fishing & releasing of stuck up, multi-layer testing, casing repair etc. in vertical/deviated/horizontal multilateral / ERD / USRDH wells etc.
Self propelled / Trailor mounted, externally propelled mobile workover / servicing rig. The Rig should be having a hook load capacity not less than 100 MT. The rig should be equipped with:-
(a) Hydraulically operated telescopic mast of sufficient clear height (not less than 102 feet from the ground level), to safely handle tubulars of Range II in doubles. The mast should conform to API 4E/ 4F specifications and API monogrammed.
(b) Twin safety device (floor-o-matic and crown-o-matic) in proper working condition shall be available.
(c) Suitable fall prevention device and DGMS approved Topman escape device shall be provided.
(d) Suitable locking system shall be provided with additional safety manual lock. This is required after telescoping of mast to full height.
(e) The mast shall be designed to withstand wind speed of minimum 60 knots as per API 4E/4F with full pipe/ setback with all guy ropes properly placed as per standard API pattern.
(f) Hydraulic Cat works
For make up & breakout consisting of hydraulic make up (spinning) cylinder providing 10000lbs (4444kg) minimum line pull and hydraulic break out cylinder to develop a minimum line pull of 20000lbs. Control for make up & breakout should be located at Drillerâs console
(g) Draw works with suitable rating for handling 100MT hook load capacity, equipped with suitable auxiliary hydromatic brake for safe running in of the string. The Draw works should have sufficient range of forward speed and one reverse speed.
(h) Derrick Engine and transmission system suitable for above draw works but not less than 525 HP.
(i) Hook and tackle system should be suitable for the rig and capable to operate 2-7/8â to 3-1/2â tubing and 2-7/8â to 3-1/2â drill pipes up to required depth. Generally 3-1/2â, 13.3 PPF drill pipes will be used.
(j) Handling / Racking arrangement for 2-7/8â, 4500 meters Drill pipes in doubles with suitable finger board to stack.
(k) Automatic Hook load limiting device: - Automatic Hook load limiting device installed to prevent overloading of mast, linked up to weight indicator. Limiting device receives signal, from weight indicator and apply brake & disengages draw works clutch simultaneously, when the set hook load is reached.
All the above items should be mounted on carrier and should meet all the regulations of Road transport etc.
The sub structure should be rated to 230MT, conforming API 4E/ 4 F standards and API monogrammed. The structure should have sufficient clear height below rotary beam to accommodate offered BOP Stack, adopter spool and sufficient clearance for installation of riser nipple on well head heights upto 4 ft.
Standard Rotary table with minimum 17-1/2â opening, in accordance with API 7K and API monogrammed with static load capacity not less than 180 MT and complete with master bushings, drive bushing, drive chain or other suitable mode shaft and provision for reverse rotation for back off
Approximately 40 feet Square / hexagonal Kelly minimum 3â size as per API 7 and API monogrammed suitable for working upto 350 kg / cm2 (5000 psi) working pressure with required connections along-with saver subs. Upper and lower Kelly cock of suitable size with pressure rating of 5000 psi should also be available.
(5) SWIVEL as per API 8A/8C and monogrammed
a) Swivel with static load capacity not less than 125 MT and rotating capacity not less than 85 MT.
b) Should have proper quick change goose neck assembly with working pressure of 5000 psi.
The Rig should be provided with minimum 1 no. of hydraulic winch with catline for handling tubulars having pulling capacity not less than 5MT
Mud system should be able to handle drilling mud Sp. Gr. upto 1.8.
(a) Positive displacement Pump driven by suitable independent Diesel engine of minimum 500 HP, Gearbox / Torque converter / Transmission with shaft / chain driven (Belt driven not acceptable) with Centrifugal supercharging pump (In case supercharger pump is to run on motor necessary approval from DGMS for motor is required), having pulsation dampener, safety relief valve, pressure gauge etc.
(b) Capacity of Pump.
Discharge: Minimum 12 M3 / hr. at 5000 psi.
Minimum 52 M3 / hr. at 2000 psi
(a) Suitable discharge manifold consisting of minimum 4 gate valves of best engineering design for well servicing jobs. The working pressure of valves should not be less than 5000 psi
(b) Rotary hose of suitable size as per API 7K standards having working pressure of 350 Kg/Cm2 (5000 psi) with suitable connections
(c) Suitable end connections of suction line and delivery manifold shall be provided
(d) Stand pipe of suitable size and pressure rating along with pressure gauge mounted on the rig
(i) Tank(s) having pumpable capacity (volume) not less than 120 m3 with permanent level markings from bottom
(ii) Arrangement for brine/mud preparation, mud mixing, mud agitators / bottom gun jets of best engineering design
(iii) Proper facility for transfer of working fluid / mud from tankers into tank and tank to tank and back to tanker (if required) along with pumping system
(iv) Necessary system lines
(v) One no. 8 m3 capacity tank for chemical mixing shall be provided
(vi) Calibrated mud hopper of suitable size with butterfly valve and proper line connection shall be provided with gunning arrangement.
(vii) One trip tank of approximately 8m3 with suitable connections and valves shall be available. It should be equipped with sufficient capacity of centrifugal transfer pump & motor suitable for hazardous area. Suitable system with alarms for monitoring gain/loss of well fluid at drillers console shall also be available
(viii) Skid mounted / portable filtration unit for brine to get the out let brine solution of 5 micron quality at flow rate 40M3/hr at working pressure 10Kg/cm2 after fine filter with suitable motor for hazardous area as per OMR
Sufficient fuel storage to undertake the workover operations without interruptions. CCE guidelines to be followed regarding fuel storage.
Tank(s) with storage Capacity of 80m3 equipped with transfer pump of suitable capacity with necessary hook up lines/ system
The following well control equipment shall be required:
(a) Hydraulically operated Cameron / Shaffer /Shaffer make of NOV / Hydril make, WOM / T3, one double ram type Blow Out Preventor as per API 16A & 6A and API monogrammed, of 7-1/16â X 5000 PSI working pressure, having one set of blind ram and one set pipe rams to handle size 2-3/8â, 2-7/8â and 3-1/2â. The Open/close position of the BOP rams on BOP should preferably be easily visible from outside (From a distance).
(b) Hydraulically operated Cameron / Shaffer / Hydril make, WOM / T3, one annular Blow Out Preventor of 7-1/16âX5000 PSI
(c) One set of stem & wheel for manually closing BOP as per OISD standard-174
(d) One BOP control unit suitable for the offered BOP, as per API 16D and API monogrammed, and, 3000 psi working pressure, hydraulically operated with sufficient fluid capacity. Unit should have two charging systems i.e. Pneumatic and electric with auto start and stop facility. Flame proof DGMS approved motor shall be used. The unit should also conform to OISD âSTD 174.
(e) Adapter flange/ spool/dummy spools of suitable size including 7-1/16â 5000 psi X 7-1/16â 10000 psi, 11â 5000 psi X 7-1/16â 5000 psi, 11â, 10000 psi x 7-1/16â, 5000 psi etc should also be available.
(f) BOP test plugs or Cup tester/ accessories as per API-RP-53 shall be provided by bidder. Normally the casings used in ONGC are 5â-13-23 ppf, 5-1/2â-15-23ppf, 5-3/4â- Wall thickness 8mm, 9mm, 10mm, 11mm & 12mm. 7â-20-32 ppf, 9-5/8â-43.5-53.5 ppf. However, in case casing of different size / ppf other than mentioned above is available, contractor shall have to arrange for the same also.
(g) Plug valves, FOSV of 5000 PSI one each for 2-7/8â & 3-1/2â tubing along with necessary connections and changeovers for 2-7/8â & 3-1/2â NU /EUE tubings/ Drill pipes to be provided.
NOTE Contractor should have Spare rams other than fitted in BOP for 2-3/8â to 3-1/2â tubing /drill pipes with a provision of changing rams at well mouth itself in proper safe conditions as per operational requirement.
11 Choke and Kill Manifold
Choke & Kill manifold as per API and API monogrammed, of size minimum 2-1/16â having minimum 5000 psi WP along with sufficient quantity of chikson piping of minimum 5000 psi WP of suitable size fitted with NRV in kill lines. It should be a suitable combination of valves having provision to flow the well through fixed choke, variable choke and one bypass also. The provision shall also be available to kill the well through kill line as well as one additional line for making connection through cementing unit
12 Handling tools as per API 8C
(a) Center latch elevator for minimum 100MT capacity as per below:-
3-1/2â UPSET TUBING 01
2-7/8â I.F DRILL PIPE 02
3-1/2â I.F DRILL PIPE 01

(b) Elevator links
Elevator links-forged as per API 8C, minimum working load 100MT, one pair/set & the size shall be as per standard design of rig
(c) Power (Pneumatic) slip (Qty-1)
Light Weight pneumatic slip/spider, with sufficient spares, inserts suitable for 2-3/8â, 2-7/8â and 3-1/2â tubing and drill pipes along with all associated connections, hoses and Couplings. Operating valve at drillerâs console
(d) Hydraulic tubing tong (Qty-1)
Light weight hydraulic tubing tongs as per relevant API for 2 7/8â and 3-1/2â tubings with replaceable jaws minimum torque rating 8000 ft lbs along with sufficient spares
(e) Heavy duty Tong. (Qty-02)
Range 2-3/8â to 7-1/4â, and to handle all fishing tools and milling tools as per relevant API, torque rating minimum 35000 ft-lbs with hanger arrangement along with sufficient spares.
13 Cross Over Subs
Bit subs, cross over subs and all necessary subs to handle work with 2-3/8â, 2-7/8â & 3-1/2â tubing and drill pipe string or their combinations.
14 Rig instrumentation suitable for Hazardous area
(a) Deadline weight indicator with sensator/ load cell on driller console/control panel, indicating load on hook for the designed capacity of the rig.
(b) Suitable recorder for recording hook load.
(c) Mud pump pressure indicator, complete, on drillers console/control panel. 0-6000 PSI
(d) Mud pump pressure gauge mounted on stand pipe of 0-6000 PSI
(e) Ton km indicator shall be provided
(f) SPM indicator for mud pump discharge at drillerâs console & at local mud pump control panel.
(g) Indicators for B.O.P rams open/close for blind ram & pipe ram and Annular Ram on drillers console/control panel
(h) Torque indicator for rotary to be provided on drillerâs console
(i) Tong torque indicator
15 Safety Equipment
The Rig equipment, wherever applicable, must meet the requirements of API, Directorate General of Mines and safety (DGMS), Dhanbad and Oil Industry Safety Directorate (OISD) and guidelines issued by State and Central pollution control board.
The rig should be equipped with following fire fighting & safety equipment:-
I. Fire fighting system as per OISD standard -189 :-
Para 6.0
i) Fire water storage facilities with fire water pump.
ii) Portable Fire extinguishers.
Para 11.0 â Material specification of Fire water system.
Para 12.1 â Fire alarm system
II. Explosion proof rig lighting at all hazardous locations as per Indian Oil Mines Regulation in force.
III. Flame proof portable lamps (minimum 2 nos.)
IV. Emergency Kill system for derrick engine (control from drillerâs panel).
V. 24 Hours Ambulance at site as Emergency vehicle
VI. Portable gas detectors for H2S (CMRI approved) & Hydrocarbons (DGMS approved) suitable for oil field.
VII. Electrical system should have suitable ELR (Earth leakage relay ).
VIII. Provision for operating BOP from driller console, locally and from remote location. It is further clarified that the requirement of operation of BOP with accumulator is at the following places:-
1. At Drillerâs console.
2. At remote location at ground floor at a safe distance from derrick floor.
3. At accumulator
IX. First aid box with stretcher facilities as per OISD standards â 204 para 6.5 and Annexure â H
X Safety kits & liveries (as per standard statutory body) to be provided for operating personnel. Top man safety belt also to be provided.
XI. All the rotating parts must have proper safety Guards.
(a) Drill pipes 2-7/8â OD IF, G grade of 10.4 ppf, New / premium Class I, Range II, 4500 meter, Right hand to be provided with rig.
(b) Pup joints of above drill pipe specifications 2 Nos each of 2ft or 3 ft, 6ft & 8ft to be provided with the rig.
(c) Drill collars of size 4-1/8â, RH, 33.3 ppf -10 Nos. New / premium Class I, Range II to be provided along with safety clamp.
Note New / Unused drill pipes / drill collars which were manufactured not more than one year back on the date of offering of TPI before mobilization of rig, NDT shall not be done if manufacturerâs certificate along with inspection certificate is provided from the manufacturer.
(a) Air system: Independent engine driven air compressor system of suitable capacity with air tank for operating pneumatic Cellar pump, Hydraulic pump of BOP control unit etc
(b) Rig warehouse and POL store
(c) Bunk Houses for ONGC Coordinatorâ one air conditioned Separate Bunk house having at least 2 office chairs, one office table, sofa (3 Seater), one almirah etc
(d) Bunk house for Contractorâs Rig Incharge and another bunk house for rig crew
(e) V door & cat walk with pipe racks on both sides
(f) Necessary transport equipment for movement of rig from one location to another
(g) Cellar pump- Air operated (Pneumatic) with suction hose of sufficient length shall be provided by the contractor
(h) Circulating head 5000 psi working pressure for 3-1/2â, 2-7/8â and 2-3/8â Drill pipes and tubings with necessary change over
(i) All trailor mounted equipments including rig trailor has to meet the RTO regulation including Registration.
(j) Gen set (two nos One in operation and second as standby) of sufficient capacity for continuous round the clock operation on full load including motors of auxiliary equipments, other electrical equipments like mud system, BOP control unit, brine filtration unit, air conditioner, fan, blower etc. and illumination of of Drill site area to be provided as per OMR-1984 and its amendments from time to time.
Contractor may keep an additional / optional, DGMS approved generator set meeting requirement of OMR-1984 and its amendments from time to time, for lighting purpose.
(k) Sufficient number of suitable flanges, chicksens/ flexible joints and rubber hoses for making all types of connections for working pressure 5000 psi shall be available.
(l) Welding machine powered by contractorâs Gen Set along with all associated welding and oxy â acetylene cutting accessories, gases and consumables etc
(m) Potable water storage, filter and water cooler
(n) Urinal / Toilet block. Septic tank etc. is in the scope of contractor
(o) Contractor should use API recommended dope for applying on drill pipes and tubing threads and not Multi Purpose Grease
(p) One no of red aviation light flickering type fitted with lamp at crown block shall be available having independent circuit
(q) Mud balance
(r) All rig equipments and facilities like bunkhouse store etc. should have effective double distinct earthing system as per IER 1956
18 All items mentioned above must be suitable for working pressures as mentioned in specifications.
19 Any other item / assembly needed but not incorporated above, to meet the complete scope of work of the tender must be provided by the contractor
20 Bidders are required to quote only those makes(s) as mentioned in specification. Wherever specific make(s) are not mentioned bidders are free to quote any make(s). But equivalent make(s) shall not be acceptable against any item/equipment etc

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