The Gateway for the Sales Optimization of Mobile Accessory Providers

With the increased popularity and trend in the usage of touch screen based smart phones amongst the masses of modern era, the need to keep their display safe and protected has also risen between them, which has simultaneously raised the number of such screen protector importers who are interested in building rapport with top notch quality manufacturers and providers of mobile phone accessories across the world for yielding beneficial business outcomes. Because of the reason that the touch screens are offered as one of the latest and distinctive product features of the mobile by a majority of world known smart phone brands and producers is built on a complex and delicate structure, hence, the customers deem it their utmost concern to ensure that the LCD screens of their purchased mobiles are protected with the screen protectors to refrain from any incidental damage in the later period which may involve a bit of wear and tear caused by casual or careless handling on the part of user.

There are a number of ways in which the screen guard suppliers can cater to this prevailing need and market niche in a scrupulous way. In light of the general observation on the dynamics of mobile phone market and the robust ongoing advertising and promotional campaigns in the field of this hi-tech industry, it is a high time for the sellers of supplementary digital phone products to develop distinctive competitiveness of their enterprises in terms of cost, quality and unique selling propositions to stand apart from the rest of the notch. This article is intended to provide some helpful guidelines for the benefit of such small and medium ventures operating in this domain, which they can utilize for establishing their brand identity in the targeted market.

The accessory provider should categorize its products/offerings in terms of the existing clusters of the targeted market, which could be done on a number demographic, psychographic, and behavioural factors of the regional inhabitants. For instance, the accessories can be bifurcated amongst three broad categories such as ordinary mobiles, smart phones and tablets. Supposing that the enterprise deals in the supply of mobile screen protectors, the screen guards developed for the simple cell phones should be developed on different specifications than that for the smart phones and tablet PCs. Similarly, the pricing strategy for the three categories should also be different matching the individual criteria of the each segment.

The distribution channels should be chosen in view of the available budget and resources required to work on the implementation of the drafted action plan in a feasible manner on practical grounds. Making use of a selective approach of targeting the prominent mobile phone and electronic market of the chosen areas provides a low risk yet promising gateway for the initial capitalization of the set marketing objectives.


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