Useful Insights for the International Marketers of Organic Food

Intake of a balanced diet is an essential requirement to maintain good mental and physical health for a person. Inculcating a variety of vegetables in the daily diet plan is helpful in keeping a good balance in the food intake.

The importance of a balanced diet prevails across all genders and age brackets of the humans. With the increasing rate of pollution of natural resources and contamination which occurs through the ignorance or carelessness in the preservation of food and maintenance of appropriate environment surrounding them, the need of consuming the vegetables which are fresh, preserved and of good quality is increased amongst the populace.

Due to such factors, more and more people are now switching towards retail and wholesale markets for purchasing their weekly or monthly grocery of fresh fruits, vegetables, and other raw food items to meet their commercial needs or household consumption requirements. The rise in the prices of perishable fruits and vegetables in the local markets of many countries have affected the purchasing behaviour of the people living there.

The number of street hawkers who used to visit residential places to sell fresh vegetables and fruits in the day time on their respective costermongers has significantly reduced in most of the urban areas which has purged the orthodox way of purchasing such food items at the ease of one home for the women of several areas. 

Hence, whether it is a domestic consumer, a small grocery store business, or a well established retail or wholesale franchise, their dependence on a reputable vegetables importer to make their both ends meet in an uncompromised and hassle free manner has become unavoidable.

The aforementioned factors have opened the new doors of opportunities for the international traders of vegetables and other raw food necessities to capture the retail and wholesale markets of several geographic regions. The changing trend in the purchasing habits and consumption of food on part of the consumers has made a direct impact on the grocery sellers and the overall supply chain of perishable crops. Nowadays, the grocery and food traders should focus more on their selection of distribution channels which include the optimum wholesale and retail outlets available in the targeted geographic and demographic segment.

It is also important to note that the local tastes, preferences, cuisine recipes, and consumption behaviour of the population vary from one region to another region. For instance, the consumption of certain vegetables like carrots, cabbage, cauliflower, potatoes, lettuce, cucumbers, onion, garlic, and ginger is more prevalent in the food recipes of Asian countries as compared to European, American, or other Western parts of the world.

Moreover, the cooking and eating styles also differ across the geographical divergence of the world. Such that, the characteristics and quantity of spices used in the cookery or preparation of vegetable in the South Asian and Chinese cuisines is completely different from that of the other regions.

Seeking some research based information on the consumer behaviour of selected market segment is recommended for the small or large businesses involved in the cross border trade of vegetables and organic foods. In this way, the likeability of augmented profits in the trade increases and the competitive advantage is gained over a period of time.

Besides, giving priority to the likings and preferences of the locals and habitants of the region is a well known approach which is practised by many and proven to be successful when it comes to the consumption pattern of food, may it be raw vegetables, fruits, or a prepared cuisine.


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